Enabling the Modern Classroom

The CASIO and Actiontec Collaboration offers a unique Interactive Solution for today's modern classroom. Now educators have the flexibility to freely move around the classroom while projecting lessons on the big screen. Engage students with rich multimedia, learning apps and educational programming and even specialised online materials. The ScreenBeam Education Edition 2 sets educators free with wireless display.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury, which was adopted in October 2013, includes the phase-out of mercury use in products and processes.  By 2020, this United Nations global treaty will permanently prohibit the use of mercury in light sources.
As a forward-thinking and environmentally friendly company, CASIO led the charge by switching all projectors to the energy-efficient laser and LED hybrid, mercury-free light source developed by CASIO in 2010.

Teach from Anywhere in the Classroom

When teachers are stuck behind a desk and computer, it's harder to interact with students, hold the attention of the classroom, and gauge student reactions. But ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition 2 gives teachers the freedom to move around the classroom while interacting with content on the projector screen. Also, students can even work on lessons and problems from their tablet, and instantly share their work with the rest of the class without having to get up and write on the whiteboard.

Compatible with Your Gear

ScreenBeam works with a wide range of devices you may already be using in the classroom. The solution supports Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, Android/Wi-Fi Miracast devices, and Intel  WiDi laptops, tablets, and smartphones. ScreenBeam is Microsoft's premier wireless display receiver for its Windows 8.1/Windows 10 devices, so you can be sure you'll get the best possible second screen experience.

No Wi-Fi Network Required

Unlike other wireless display solutions on the market, ScreenBeam creates a direct wireless display connection between your device and display, leaving plenty of bandwidth for other network tasks. ScreenBeam's direct connection delivers premium display quality and won't clog the school's network. There won't be lag times, choppy or freezing video or skipping audio, saving you from having to interrupt the lesson to troubleshoot the technology.

VGA to HDMI adapter included

Have an older projector? No problem. ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition 2 includes a VGA to HDMI adapter, so you're able to use the latest wireless display technology with legacy projectors.


  • Supported Wireless Display Technology
  • -4th Gen Intel WIDI
  • -Wi-Fi Miracast
  • -ScreenBeam USB Transmitter
  • Wireslessly stream movies, videos, presentations, photos, apps and more to the big screen
  • Mirror content from yur laptop, tablet or smartphone to a projector
  • Supports up to full 1080p HD video and audio
  • Works up to 50 ft. away - no line of sight required*
  • Does not require existing Wi-Fi router to setup
  • Minimal interference with your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Supports VGA with included HDMI-VGA adapter
  • Local management access for IT to enforce PIN for new device pairing, manage HDMI output on idling, and firmware updates.
  • Centrally manage medium to large deployments of ScreenBeam receivers using the ScreenBeam CMS Enablement Package (sold seperately)
  • Premier wireless diplay partner with Microsoft and Intel
System Requirements
  • Select one of the following devices
  • Windows 8.1 or higher (with Miracast support)
  • Intel WiDi capable laptop or tablet with Intel WiDi 4 or higher
  • Wi-Fi Miracast capable smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Compatible Windows laptop or PC with ScreenBeam USB Transmitter**
  • Does not work with Apple products

*Design and specifications of product are subject to change without notice